Justin Wisby

A Little bit About Me

While born and raised in Michigan, in 2019 I moved down to Miami with my partner for pursuing higher education. Since then, a pandemic happened and has locked me inside with my books. Would really like to see my friends and family again, but until we can do that, I have my studies.

I am a graduate student at Florida International University working to get my Master in Mathematical Sciences and am passionate in my drive to be a secondary education instructor. With a strong background in Math, Computer Science, and Physics, I always try my best to capitalize on every learning opportunity.

Outside of my traditional educational experiences, I have spent a lot of my professional and personal time working on computer science and digital fabrication which I honed during my years in Flint while studying Mathematics and Physics at University of Michigan Flint. My coding skills later got me noticed by Illustrative Mathematics, where I worked for nearly three years before I transitioned into graduate student life at FIU.

Current Goal

I am working towards my Masters of Science in Mathematical Sciences at Florida International University.

In 2020, I was offered a position to study at FIU in their masters program. Most of my courses have focused on analysis and computation, both fields that I hope to use later in life. So far I have been enjoying myself and hope to graduate in Spring of 2022.


Research Highlight

Monte Carlo Markov Chain Simulations using Python.

I used a MCMC model to mimic population growth based on PNG color mappings which dictated a trinary model to modified the transition matrix to specify the intents of each collection of cells. Roughly dictating that the RGB values would change the proclivity of the cells to either increase population, increase strength, or expand. Future goals of the project would be to include Machine Learning and Voxelated figures but my efforts towards the VMLMCMCM have taken a back burner as I focus on my studies. Similarly the write up including the code has also taken the back burner.