Illustrative Mathematics

From April 2018 to December 2020, I was brought on at Illustrative Mathematics for their High School Curriculum Development team. While I started in visual aid generation, I found myself helping out everywhere I could. I ended up finding myself picking up a role of a content reviewer as well as the sole corrections reviewer after our first release. When Illustrative Mathematics wrapped up their high school curriculum, they set their sights on Middle School and Elementary School, where I was brought over. This transition brought new challenges where I was able to produce the vast majority of the library of images and templates used in the curriculum.
My time at IM was a fantastic experience and I hope the best for the company and the family of all those that made IM so successful.

Visual Aid Development

Most of my time at Illustrative Mathematics, I was working on visual aid development. In my near three years with the company I made more than 10,000 visual aids for the curriculum. I also worked on the design and implementation of the visual aids to maximize their effectiveness.

We used TeX code, or more specifically Tikz and PGF, to make almost all of our images and even some of our illustrations. I made custom packages that would more effectively and efficiently generate visual aids with the flexibility to make curriculum wide changes with one edit. This code was hosted on our own site but we used GitHub to help distribute our repositories to help keep the rest of the team updated.

While the number of us that use tikz are not the largest, we are very passionate about it's utility. Occasionally challenging each other for Tikz related festivities like Tikz-giving and Tikz-oween

Curriculum Development

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Content Review and Corrections

One of the many jobs that I had was to work in the reviewing process for the company. I was one of the few people that worked through the curriculum to ensure that the materials we presented were accurate and clear. We prided ourselves

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Personal Statement regarding my time at IM

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